Brexit debate ignores UK’s privileged position in Europe

The UK enjoys opt-outs from many EU policies, without its influence in the EU being diminished. But the UK’s privileged position in the EU has been neglected in the referendum debate, which has been caught up in statistics about the material costs and benefits of the EU.

Bank Regulation and Supervision (with C. Schenk)

This chapter establishes the rationale for regulation of banking and financial activity and then traces the evolution of national banking regulation and supervision in a range of countries. Particular attention is paid to the contrasting models in Europe, the USA and the People’s Republic of China; as well as the particular challenges of prudential regulation in the globalised financial markets that have prevailed since the 1990s.

Institutionalizing Trust? Regular Summitry (G7s and European Councils), Mid-1970s/Mid-1980s (with N. Bonhomme)

This chapter examines how institutionalized summits served as a tool to foster trust during the Cold War. It argues that summits tried to foster trust both “internally” and “externally”: summitry aimed at developing not only trust among the leaders, but also crucially trust with regard to the Western (economic) system. These two ambitions—interpersonal and systemic—represented a vital transformation, albeit one imperfectly fulfilled, of the international system in the 1970s and 1980s.