Quotes, comments and interviews given to the media and at public events:

• Roundtable on the history of EMU: “The euro is not what we expected it to be.” Discuss!

• Roundtable on the Commission legislative proposal for the new Stability and Growth Pact, 12 June 2023

• Podcast The Sound of Economics: The idea of Europe: more than a feeling?, 16 April 2021

• Interviewed for the article ‘MMT has a big hurdle to overcome to succeed in Europe’, Bloomberg, 7 September 2019

• J’ai répondu aux questions de Pierre Wolf-Mandroux pour un article publié dans La Croix/Magazine Pèlerin: “Europe, des historiens réfutent Philippe de Villiers”, 23 April 2019

• J’ai signé une tribune collective publiée dans Le Monde: “Philippe de Villiers et la falsification de l’histoire de l’Union”, 27 mars 2019

J’ai répondu aux questions de Politique Etrangère sur le Brexit, le 25 janvier 2019

• ‘Conversations for the Future of Europe‘: I discussed two proposals on the future of European monetary union, 5 March 2019

‘Au bout du jour’: j’ai répondu aux questions d’Eddy Caekelberghs sur la RTBF, 17 January 2019

• Roundtable speaker at the event Brexit Countdown: The Deal, the Politics and the Future, Edinburgh University European Union Society, Edinburgh, 4 December 2018

• Participation aux Journées de l’Économie à Lyon, 8 November 2018

• Interviewed for the article ‘No Sleep Till Brexit’, Bloomberg, 1 November 2018

• Oral history interview of Jean-Claude Trichet, in the framework of the EU historical archives’ Leaders Beyond the State Collection

• Oral history interview of Jean-Claude Trichet, in the framework of the EU historical archives’ Leaders Beyond the State Collection

• Panel ‘Leaders Beyond the State’, an Interview with former ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet, EUI, Florence, 16 February 2018

Conversations on the Future of Europe, Bruegel, Brussels, 22 March 2017

• Bruegel Podcast, The Sound of Economics: Special Edition, The Treaty of Rome at 60

• Interviewed for the article “What the Bundesbank can teach the ECB about winning public respect”, Bloomberg, 15 January 2017

• “The UK already opts out of anything it dislikes; it could very well end up leaving the EU on an entirely flawed debate,” interviewed by Claudia Schrag Sternberg for University College London’s Britain & Europe, 20 October 2015

Bruegel Policy Contribution quoted in ‘Britain wins EU games and set but match never ends‘, Reuters, 21 June 2015

• Talk at the European Business Summit, in Brussels, on 7 May 2015

• Interviewed for the Bulgarian TV station News 7 for the current affairs programme “Pincode”, on Sunday 4 May 2014, about the development of the Eurozone banking union.

La zone euro est-elle viable? Une perspective historique, for the website La Vie des Idées, 20 May 2014

The past and future of the EU: an interview with EurActiv, 7 April 2014

• Intervention introductive, table-ronde “la zone euro est-elle viable?”, Institut français de Vienne, 3 avril 2014

La semaine historique d’Emmanuel Laurentin, 20 February 2014, quotes my post on the Guéant archives

Could Déjà Vu Spell Trouble for a Eurozone Banking Union? Wall Street Journal, 17 January 2014