Policy briefs

Mapping Banking Centres Globally Since 1970

(with Aliénor Cameron)

Bruegel Working Paper 12/2022, July 2022

Interest in European matters: a glass three-quarters full?

(with Francesco Papadia, Enrico Bergamini and Giuseppe Porcaro)

Bruegel Working Paper 05/2021, March 2021

Section 8: Historical perspectives: The governance of trade, finance and macroeconomic cooperation: a historical perspective since the 1970s

(with George Papaconstantinou and Jean Pisani-Ferry)

in Global Governance: Demise or Transformation? Progress report on the Transformation of Global Governance Project 2018-2019, edited by George Papaconstantinou and Jean Pisani-Ferry

Rethinking Franco-German Relations: a Historical Perspective

Bruegel Policy Contribution, November 2017

The Rise of Summit Diplomacy

Rethinking International Institutions: Diplomacy and Impact on Emerging World Order, Wilhelm Hofmeister and Jan Melissen (eds), 2016

Pourquoi l’euro? Un rappel historique sur la création de la monnaie unique,

in L’euro: un dessein inachevé, Questions internationales n°76, 2015, Paris: La Documentation française

The Euro Crisis: a Historical Perspective,

LSE IDEAS Strategic Update, June 2010