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— Forthcoming

History of Economic and Monetary Union, in Fabian Amtenbrink and Christoph Hermann (eds), The EU Law of Economic and Monetary Union, Oxford: Oxford University Press

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— 2019

Conclusion: How Informality Can Play Out in European Integration,

in Lennaert van Heumen and Mechthild Roos (eds), The Informal Construction of Europe, Abingdon: Routledge

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— 2018


in Gordon Martel (ed), The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Diplomacy

European monetary integration, in Stefano Battilossi, Youssef Cassis, and Kazuhiko Yago (eds), Handbook of the History of Money and Currency, Springer

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— 2017

L’usage des réseaux sociaux pour chercheurs 

in Frédéric Clavert and Étienne Cavalié (eds), Humanités numériques: mode d’emploi pour le chercheur en sciences sociales (Montréal: Presses de l’Université de Montréal)

in Atish Rex Gosh and Mahvash S. Qureshi (eds), From Great Depression to Great Recession: The Elusive Quest for International Policy Cooperation, Washington D.C.: International Monetary Fund

The European Monetary System as an external anchor in inflation-prone countries: the extent and limits of the European anti-inflationary consensus, 1970s-early 1980s

in Michel-Pierre Chélini and Laurent Warlouzet (eds), Slowing Down Prices: The Adaptation of States and European Economic Actors to the Inflationary Fever of the 1970s, Paris: Presses de Sciences Po

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— 2016

9780199658626Bank Regulation and Supervision (with Catherine Schenk)

in Youssef Cassis, Richard S. Grossman, and Catherine Schenk (eds), The Oxford Handbook of Banking and Financial History, Oxford: Oxford University Press

2016 Summits volumeAssessing the Role of G7/8/20 Meetings in Global Governance: Processes, Outcomes and Counterfactuals

in Olivier Dabène, Gordon Mace, Jean-Philippe Thérien and Diana Tussie (eds), Summits and Regional Governance: The Americas in Comparative Perspective, Abingdon: Routledge

— 2015

2015 Monnet Schrag volumeLa zone euro est-elle viable? 

in Éric Monnet and Claudia Schrag-Steinberg (eds), Euro: les années critiques, Paris: Presses Universitaires de France

— 2014

2014 Laursen volumeBeyond deus ex machina: rethinking the EMS creation 

in Johnny Laursen (ed), The Institutions and Dynamics of the European Community, 1973-1983, Baden-Baden: Nomos

2014 Mourlon-Druol Romero volumeLess than a Permanent Secretariat, More than an ad-hoc Preparatory Group: a Prosopography of the G7 Personal Representatives, 1975-1991 

in Emmanuel Mourlon-Druol and Federico Romero (eds), International Summitry and Global Governance: the Rise of the G7 and the European Council, Abingdon: Routledge

Introduction: Analysing the Rise of Regular Summitry (with Federico Romero, International Summitry and Global Governance)

Conclusions (with Federico Romero, International Summitry and Global Governance)

2013 Foret Rittelmeyer volumeMore than a Prestigious Spokesperson: the Role of Summits/the European Council in European Political Cooperation, 1969-1981 

in François Foret and Yann-Sven Rittelmeyer (eds), The European Council and European Governance: The Commanding Heights of the EU, Abingdon: Routledge

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 — 2010

2010 Preda Pasquinucci volumeThe Victory of the Intergovernmental Method? The Emergence of the European Council in the EEC’s Institutional Set-up, 1974-1977

in Daniela Preda and Daniele Pasquinucci (eds), The Road Europe Travelled Along: The Evolution of the EEC/EU Institutions and Policies, Brussels: Peter Lang

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— 2009

2009 Les deux EuropeEconomist or Monetarist? The Difficult Creation of an Internal French Consensus about European Monetary Integration, 1974-1976

in Michele Affinito, Guia Migani and Christian Wenkel (eds), Les deus Europes / The Two Europes, Brussels: Peter Lang

2009 Rasmussen Knudsen volumeThe Creation of the European Council at the December 1974 Paris Summit

in Ann-Christina L. Knudsen and Morten Rasmussen (eds), The Road to a United Europe: Interpretations of the Process of European Integration, Brussels: Peter Lang

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— Book Reviews

Review of Nicolas Leron and Michel Aglietta, La double démocratie. Une Europe politique pour la croissance in Politique étrangère

Christophe Lamfalussy, Ivo Maes and Sabine Péters, Alexandre Lamfalussy: le sage de l’euro in Journal of European Integration History

Laurent Warlouzet, Le choix de la CEE par la France: l’Europe économique en débat de Mendès France à de Gaulle (1955-1969) in Economic History Review

Antonio Varsori, La cenerentola d’Europa? L’Italia e l’integrazione europea dal 1947 a oggiin Journal of European Integration History

Peter Temin and David Vines, The Leaderless Economy. Why the World Economic System Fell Apart and How to Fix It  in Politique Étrangère

Lucia Coppolaro, The making of a world trading power: the European Economic Community (EEC) in the GATT Kennedy round negotiations in Economic History Review

Thomas Mayer, Europe’s Unfinished Currency. The Political Economics of the Euro in Politique Étrangère

Antonio Varsori (ed), Alle origini del presente. L’Europa occidentale nella crisi degli anni Settanta in Journal of European Integration History

Dimitri Grygowski, Les États-Unis et l’unification monétaire de l’Europe in Journal of European Integration History

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