Talks & Presentations


18 April 2024: ‘Narratives of European Integration since 1945: challenges and promises of exploring 75 years of newspapers’ archives,’ Institut d’Etudes Européennes, Université Libre de Bruxelles, part of the series ‘Storytelling of European Integration.’

20-22 March 2024: ‘Narrowing down the options: The multiple meanings of European fiscal governance, from programming to the Maastricht criteria, 1957-1992’ at a conference organised by the German Historical Institute in Rome

16 February 2024: ‘European Economic Community’s policymakers in economics, finance and beyond, 1957-1992: challenges and prospects of digital approaches,’ online Symposium ‘Digital approaches to the history of European & international cooperation,’ Centre for Modern European Studies, University of Copenhagen

9 January 2024: participation in a roundtable on the history of EMU for the newly-created EMU Lab at the EUI


24 November 2023: “What archives can and cannot allow in historical research on social partners” at the event “ShaPE: EU Social Partners as Makers and Shapers of Social Europe: A new project funded by the European Commission” organized by the Alcide De Gasperi Research Centre and the Academy of European Law at the EUI (Emmanuel Mourlon-Druol)

8-9 November 2023: “The value of reopening old quarrels” at the conference “Taking stock: 25 years of EMU” organized by the Dutch National Bank and Bruegel in Amsterdam (Emmanuel Mourlon-Druol)

22 September 2023: ‘Enabling or Not Enabling: Negotiating Supranational Supervision at Maastricht,’ workshop ‘European Governance between Crises,’ Bocconi University

21 September 2023: ‘The impossible centralisation: the struggles of economic policy coordination in the EEC, 1957-1992,’ BLEST seminar, Bocconi University

22 June 2023: ‘Women and gender in the making of Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union: methodological and conceptual issues,’ workshop ‘Women and gender in international economic history,’ EUI

25 May 2023: “‘From Brussels with love’: debating the creation of a European unemployment benefit, 1960s-1990s”, conference ‘Social Europe and Economic and Monetary Union’, EUI

27 April 2023: ‘An unintended neoliberal setup: political union in the making of EMU, 1957-1992,’ conference ‘Economic thought and the making of the euro,’ EUI

26 April 2023: Discussant at the workshop ‘banks, organisational memory and financial crises’ at the EUI

12 January 2023: Alcide de Gasperi Seminar, discussant


26 July 2022: Borrowing to Invest in the EEC: the New Community Instrument of 1978, World Economic History Congress, Paris


14-15 October 2021: Workshop ‘Digital Methods in History and Economics,’ University of Hambourg

27 September 2021: Séminaire de sociologie politique de l’Europe, University of Strasbourg

5-10 July 2021: Networks 2021 Conference

7 July 2021: Discussant, panel ‘Financial Diplomacy during the Cold War,’ Transatlantic Studies Association

30 June-2 July 2021: Historical Network Research Conference, Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C2DH) in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

24-26 June 2021: Council for European Studies, 50th anniversary global conference

17-18 June 2020: ‘The International Debt Crisis Revisited, 1979-1991,’ Venice and Florence

27 May 2021: Banking Union, European Law and Supranational Integration, ADGRC Seminar, European University Institute

18-19 March 2021: Conference ‘Democracy in the Construction of Europe, 1945-2020,’ University of Trento


14 December 2020: Réduire la distance aux archives pour élargir l’éventail de sources : le numérique dans le projet EURECON sur la construction de l’Union économique et monétaire de 1957 à 1992, séminaire Histoire et Humanités Numériques, Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès

7-8 October 2020: The Werner Report, 50 Years On, University of Luxembourg

6 October 2020: Seminar on international cooperation at the School of Transnational Governance, European University Institute

22-24 June 2020: [cancelled] Council for European Studies, University of Iceland, Reykjavik

9-10 June 2020: [cancelled] ‘Law and Policy in European Integration’, Max Planck Institute for European Legal History, Frankfurt

23-25 April 2020:[cancelledMatchPoints Seminar 2020, Aarhus University

17-19 April 2020: [cancelledEconomic History Society Conference, Oxford

16-19 March 2020: [cancelled] ‘The International Debt Crisis Revisited, 1979-1991,’ Venice and Florence

23 January 2020: Workshop on European integration history, University of Tokyo

— 2010s


11 December 2019: Conférence ‘L’Europe au XXème siècle: une Europe asymétrique’, C²DH, University of Luxembourg

10 December 2019: Impresso Talk, C²DH, University of Luxembourg

6 November 2019: Keynote at Journée d’études ‘Le goût de l’archive à l’ère numérique’/Workshop ‘The allure of the archives in the digital age’, Rennes, Maison des Sciences de l’Homme en Bretagne

17-19 October 2019: Conference ‘Reshaping Europe. Towards a Political, Economic and Monetary Union 1984–1989’, Hildesheim

18-21 September 2019: The European Labour History Network Conference, Amsterdam

9-10 September 2019: Third Annual Graduate Conference on the History of European Integration, European University Institute, Florence

29-31 August 2019: European Historical Economics Society Congress, Paris

9-10 May 2019: UPIER final conference, Oxford, UK

5 March 2019: Conversations on the Future of Europe, European University Institute, Florence


4 December 2018: Brexit Countdown: The Deal, the Politics and the Future, Edinburgh University European Union Society, Edinburgh

14 November 2018: The governance of trade, finance, and macroeconomic cooperation: a historical perspective since the 1970s, School of Transnational Governance, European University Institute, Florence

9 November 2018: The European Construction in the 1980s-1990s and the Present Crisis, Gramsci Foundation, Rome

8 November 2018: Les journées de l’économie, Lyon

17-18 October 2018: Discussant at the Conference ‘Making Globalisation‘, University of Padova

10-11 October 2018: Workshop to present work-in-progress of EURECON project, University of Copenhagen

27-28 September 2018: Third workshop of the Uses of the Past in International Economic Relations (UPIER) project, Centrum för Näringslivshistoria (The Centre for Business History)

0-11 September 2018: Second Annual Graduate Conference on the History of European Integration, European University Institute, Florence

4 July 2018: Discussant, L’histoire contemporaine à l’ère numérique: sources, méthodologies, critiques, Lausanne

19 June 2018: Seminar at Bocconi University, Milan

11-12 June 2018: Chair and final roundtable participant, Max Weber Programme Multidisciplinary Research Workshop: National Political Communities and International Institutions, EUI, Florence

8 June 2018: Workshop ‘New Conceptual and Methodological Developments in the Study of EU Economic Governance’, University of Luxembourg

7 June 2018: Workshop ‘Towards a European Fiscal Union: historical roots, economic foundations and constitutional challenges’, European Economic and Social Committee, Brussels

5 June 2018: Twenty Years after The Choice of Europe: Historical Analysis of Social Preferences and State Power in European Integration, Paris-Sorbonne, Labex-EHNE

17-18 May 2018: Prosopography in international and economic history, EUI, Florence (organised in the framework of my ERC-funded EURECON project)

21 March 2018: Moderator, ADEMU workshop, EUI, Florence

14-15 March 2018: Presentation of the UPIER project at the HERA (Humanities in the European Research Area) Mid-Term Conference, Vienna

28 February 2018: Robert Schuman Centre’s Seminar Series

16 February 2018: Panel ‘Leaders Beyond the State’, Interview with former ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet, EUI, Florence


19 December 2017: Presentation of the EURECON project, C²DH, University of Luxembourg

7 December 2017: Les défis de la mobilité: l’expérience européenne des historien-ne-s, Centre d’Histoire de Sciences Po, Paris

30 November/1 December 2017: Conference Memory of Financial Crises, European University Institute, Florence

3-4 October 2017: Second Workshop of the Uses of the Past in International Economic Relations (UPIER) project, Université de Genève

26 September 2017: ADEMU Working Group Seminar, European University Institute, Florence

18-19 September 2017: First Annual Graduate Conference on the History of European Integration, European University Institute, Florence

6 September 2017: Presentation of the EURECON project, Department of Political Science, LUISS University, Rome

18-19 April 2017: ‘French banks and the Polish debt crisis’, First Workshop of the Uses of the Past in International Economic Relations (UPIER) project, University Carlos III, Madrid

22 March 2017: Conversations on the Future of Europe, Bruegel, Brussels

13 March 2017: Lecture on Brexit, Oklahoma University Visit at the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow

23 February 2017: Presentation of the EURECON project, International Business and Enterprise Cluster Seminar, Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow

27-28 January 2017: Global Regionalism Workshop, Leiden University

16-17 January 2017: The European Council: Spreading Knowledge and Fostering Research on a Key Institution, SUMMIT Dissemination Conference, CETEUS, University of Cologne; Europäische Akademie Berlin


21 October 2016: The road to Brexit and the Challenges Ahead, Università Ca’ Foscari, Venice

6-28 May 2016: First RICHIE-HEIRS conference, ‘Capitalism, Crises and European Integration from 1945 to the Present‘, European University Institute, Florence

20 April 2016: Glasgow Talks… EU Referendum – Question Time, Radisson Blu Hotel, Glasgow

12 February 2016: Banking History Workshop, University of Stirling

28-29 January 2016: SUMMIT conference on the European Council, Brussels


11-12 November 2015: ULB/Cambridge Workshop, Brussels

16-17 October 2015: Organisation, Networks and Policymaking in European Foreign Ministries in the Twentieth Century, University of Cambridge

10 October 2015: Les Rendez-Vous de l’Histoire, Blois

9-11 September 2015: 17th Asia-Europe Think Tank Dialogue, The Hague

3-7 August 2015: World Economic History Congress, Kyoto

30 July-1 August 2015: Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China, Beijing

8-10 July 2015: Council for European Studies Annual Conference, Sciences Po, Paris

7 May 2015: European Business Summit, Brussels

25 March 2015: Workshop on thodothodology in Business History, Community for Internationalisation and Enterprise Research Cluster, University of Glasgow[/embed]

20-21 March 2015: Sociabilités et réseaux diplomatiques européens de 1919 à nos jours, Bruxelles, Académie Royale de Belgique

5-6 February 2015: Oral History Programme Workshop, Council of the European Union, Brussels

23 January 2015: “The never-ending debate about adjustment in Europe: perspectives from the 1960s and 1970s,” International Monetary Fund, Washington DC


5 December 2014: Workshop, Community for Internationalisation and Enterprise Research Cluster, University of Glasgow

24 November 2014: Invited participant, Europe’s Capital Markets Union, Bruegel, Brussels

21 November 2014: Invited speaker, “Europe 25 Years after the Fall of the Berlin Wall,” Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto

23-24 October 2014: “Hidden Continuities: From Interwar to Postwar Forms of Cooperation and Integration in Europe,”Kolleg-Forschergruppe “The Transformative Power of Europe,” Freie Universität Berlin

9 October 2014: Discussant, Research Seminar ‘International Organisations’, Sciences Po, Paris

7 May 2014: Guest speaker, European Integration History Seminar, Graduate Institute, Geneva

1-2 May 2014:Summits & Regional Governance, Université Laval, Québec

3-4 April 2014: Séminaire “la zone euro est-elle viable?”, Vienna

14-16 March 2014: International Conference of Europeanists, Council for European Studies, Washington, D.C.

26 February 2014: Panel discussion, Network for the Study of Southern Europe, University of Glasgow

16-17 January 2014: Conference on the development of international financial regulation and supervision since 1945, Frankfurt


5 December 2013: Digital Humanities Luxembourg 2013, Luxembourg

28 November 2013: Conference on the centenary of Pierre Werner’s birth, Luxembourg. A video of the conference is available here

24 October 2013: Economic and Social History Seminar, University of Glasgow

9 October 2013: Lunchtime seminar, Princeton University

7 October 2013: Center on Global Legal Transformation, Columbia University

21 June 2013: Workshop “Europe between financial repression and regulatory capture,” Bruegel, Brussels

10 June 2013: Workshop “Italy between détente and bipolar constraints,” Rome, University Tor Vergata

1-2 June 2013: Socio-Economic History Meeting, University of Tokyo

30 May 2013: Presentation of A Europe Made of Money, Keio University

27 May 2013: “The Emergence of the European Monetary System in the 1970s and the Euro Crisis: Some Historical Reflections,” European Union Studies Institute, Economics Project Seminar, Tsuda College, Tokyo

18 April 2013: International History Seminar, Presentation of A Europe Made of Money, Sciences Po

20 March 2013: Workshop on the 1970s, University of Reading

18-20 March 2013: “Processes of transnationalisation, Europeanisation and globalisation. A workshop on contemporary international history,” Centre franco-norvégien en sciences sociales et humans, Paris


27 November 2012Economic History Workshop, Presentation of A Europe Made of Money, University of York

23-24 November 2012: Workshop “History of Europe: Paradigms, Practices and Trends,” European University Institute, Florence

15-16 November 2012: Conference “Slowing down prices: adaptation of states and European economic actors to the inflationary fever of the 1970s”, Université d’Artois, Arras

25-27 October 2012: “Summitry at the Dawn of the Global Era: Historical Enquiries into the Rise of the European Council and the G7,” European University Institute, Florence

12-13 October 2012: Conference “Europe’s Crisis: Background, Dimensions, Solutions,” Centre for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies, Munk School for Global Affairs, University of Toronto

10 October 2012: Seminar “Europe in Crisis,” London School of Economics, IDEAS Centre

22-23 June 2012: Workshop on the Maastricht Treaty, University of Maastricht

11-12 May 2012: Workshop “L’Europe entre guerre froide et construction européenne,” Munich

2-4 May 2012: Conference “Financial Crises and the Transformation of the International System since 1945,” European University Institute, Florence

15-16 March 2012: Colloque “Les banques centrales, la Nation et les Etats,” Banque de France, Paris

11-12 January 2012: “The euro: (Greek) tragedy or Europe’s destiny?” Bayreuth (invited as discussant)


15-16 December 2011: Conférence “Régionalisme européen et gouvernance mondiale au XXème siècle,” Paris

2-3 December 2011: “L’Europe entre guerre froide et construction européenne, 1982-1985,” University of Padova

7-9 November 2011: Conference “‘Trust, but Verify’: Confidence and Distrust from Détente to the End of the Cold War”, German Historical Institute, Washington DC

21 May 2011: Conference “Transformations of the state: interdisciplinary perspectives,” University of Oxford

12-14 May 2011: Conference “Le tournant 1979/1981 dans les relations internationales,” Sciences Po Paris/Institut Historique Allemand

28 March 2011: Research Seminar, Banque de France, Paris

10-11 March 2011: Conference “The Commanding Heights of the European Union. The European Council: Institutions, Actors, Resources,” Fondation Universitaire, Brussels

28 February 2011: Jean Monnet Lecture, “The Euro Crisis: a Historical Perspective,” Aarhus University

7 February 2011: International workshop on European integration history, Keio University, Tokyo

4 February 2011: Open Lecture, “The Euro Crisis: A Historical Perspective,” Tsuda College, Tokyo

20-21 January 2011: “La France entre guerre froide et intégration européenne, 1975-1985,” Munich


17 December 2010: Workshop “The International History of European Integration in the 1970s: Research Issues and Directions,” European University Institute, Florence

7-9 July 2010: “Reassessing the 1970,” Centre for Contemporary British History, Institute of Historical Research, University of London

10-11 June 2010: RICHIE-EUI-Padova workshop, European University Institute, Florence

26-27 March 2010: “La France entre guerre froide et intégration européenne, 1975-1985: la situation au milieu des années 1970,” Institut historique allemand, Paris

17 February 2010: European Integration History Seminar, University of Reading

11-12 February 2010: 13th Conference of the European Liaison Committee of Historians, “From Crisis to New Dynamics: the European Community, 1974-1983,” Aarhus University

— 2000s


1 May 2009: First Princeton Annual Workshop on European Integration, Princeton University


15 December 2008: “The Origin and Evolution of the European Union. From the Treaty of Rome to the Treaty of Lisbon, 1957-2007”

26-27 September 2008: LSE-Oxford International History Workshop, University of Oxford

23-24 May 2008: Conference “The Road Europe Traveled Along. The Evolution of the EEC/EU Institutions and Policies,” Associazione Universitaria di Studie Europei & Centro di Ricerca sull’Integrazione Europea, Certosa di Pontignano, Siena


14-15 December 2007: Third International RICHIE Conference, University Suor Benincasa, Naples


7-10 December 2006: Second International RICHIE Conference, University of Copenhagen, 7-10 December 2006