Public Engagement


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The Rise of Summit Diplomacy

Rethinking International Institutions: Diplomacy and Impact on Emerging World Order, Wilhelm Hofmeister and Jan Melissen (eds), 2016




The UK’s EU vote: the 1975 precedent and today’s negotiations,

Bruegel Policy Contribution, June 1975



Pourquoi l’euro? Un rappel historique sur la création de la monnaie unique,

in L’euro: un dessein inachevé, Questions internationales n°76, 2015, Paris: La Documentation française


  • “The UK already opts out of anything it dislikes; it could very well end up leaving the EU on an entirely flawed debate,” interviewed by Claudia Schrag Sternberg for University College London’s Britain & Europe, 20 October 2015
  • Interviewed for the Bulgarian TV station News 7 for the current affairs programme “Pincode”, on Sunday 4 May 2014, about the development of the Eurozone banking union.